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Looking for expert garage door installation? Finding a new garage door for your home should not be a big ordeal that requires research and anxiety. When you call Quality Garage Door Services of West Palm Beach you can rest assured that you have contacted a company that you can trust because we have an outstanding reputation in the home services community of West Palm Beach. A new garage door is an exciting thing to get and we want you to have the perfect style, the perfect brand, the perfect fit and the perfect price. We have sold and professionally installed thousands of overhead garage doors in the West Palm Beach area. Furthermore we are confident we can provide you with a great experience when it comes to getting a new garage door.We pull a permit for every garage door that we install. Why? More than anything because it is the law. If your garage door company is not pulling a permit then you have an illegal garage door install and an illegal garage door installer. That company is not licensed by the state of Florida and your unpermitted new garage door install will not be up to code and you will be fined if any inspector finds our about it.Make sure that your new garage door is installed professionally and above all has a solid warranty. All of our doors have a lifetime warranty for rust, discoloration, cracking or peeling. Don’t try calling up an illegal, unlicensed company a year later after they have installed the new garage door. It will be in vain to hope they can honor the warranty because as a result they are likely no longer in business. Worse yet, they declared bankruptcy and reopened under a new name. This makes it impossible to get them to perform a warranty call. We have seen it all. However, our company hopes that you don’t experience this kind of dishonesty.We hope that you will call us if you are ever in the market for a new garage door. Quality will make sure you understand everything and give you lots of great options to choose from. We always make sure every install is precise and most importantly, correct. Our Door Experts pay close attention to your hurricane zone. We always know the exact right hurricane rated door you need. The Door Manager will work hard to get you the lowest price. We look forward to helping you with a new garage door purchase and providing expert garage door installation!

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